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Termites thrive in environments with high levels of humidity, so it is helpful to treat the site before construction begins. Older houses are prone to these problems since they tend to live in blocked or obstructed spaces.

The termites in the UAE, also known as white ants, devour wood and all other materials that contain cellulose. However, some structures are more susceptible to termite attacks than others.


There are two types of termite treatment, prevention (Pre-Construction Termite Treatment) and extermination (Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment). We recommend prevention over extermination. As compared to exterminating infestations, this termite control method is easier, cheaper, and less stressful.

The damage caused by termites is expensive and rarely covered by homeowners’ insurance, as they live inside walls and furniture. Many homeowners fail to recognize infestations until they are fully developed. In addition to their constant feeding requirements, mature colonies can cause damage every day they are left undetected. When constructing a home or other structure, preconstruction termite control is highly recommended.

The construction specifications for some projects require termite protection in their finishing, while others specify a termite-free working environment.

Pre-Construction Treatment

Preconstruction termite treatment involves several steps to ensure termite-free construction. The most common is to apply insecticides to the soil before any slabs are erected. It will form a thick chemical barrier between the ground slab and masonry to prevent insects from approaching the building. The chemical treatment can be done as follows:

  • Before beginning foundation work, treat the bottom and sides of an excavation with chemical products.
  • Build slabs on a grade by digging holes in the earth and filling them with chemical materials.
  • Mix chemicals where walls and floors meet.
  • Make holes filled with chemicals around the perimeter of the construction.
  • To ensure the future of piping, fill an area with chemical products
  • Apply anti-termite chemicals to the parts of the building where wooden products will be installed, such as cabinets, doors, and so on.

Post-Construction Termite Control

Pre-construction actions are not always possible, but there is the possibility to adapt and reapply with a different approach.

Always start with an assessment of the entire area. Determine the extent of the damage, the location of the termites, access points to the structure, and their spread in the area. The following preventive measures should be kept in mind:

  • Create a barrier around a house by creating holes and filling them with chemicals, as in pre-construction.
  • Drill holes in the floor and walls and fill them with chemicals.
  • If possible, all walls or the vast majority should be treated to prevent further spreading.
  • Chemicals should be applied to all points of contact of wood with the ground or with the building.
  • Treat any masonry voids with anti-termite treatment.
  • Replace wood products and furniture that have a high impact and presence of termites, beyond repair.

What makes Star Almadina Services the Best in Dubai?

Pest control services are the best choice for analyzing the situation and applying the appropriate solution. Star Almadina offers the most comprehensive solution for termite control in Dubai. Our anti-termite treatments are offered both pre-and post-construction to ensure your safety and the safety of your belongings.

The protective treatments applied during construction and soon after completion of a building are known as pre-construction treatments. Post-construction treatments are applied to older, established buildings. Your home can be irreparably damaged by termites. You should contact a professional pest control company immediately if you suspect a termite problem. Star Almadina pest control provides the best termite control services in Dubai.

Control of Termites – Proven Methods

Here Are the Top Techniques That Give the Best Results for Termite Control:

1.           Soil treatment:

A soil treatment prevents future termite infestations and kills termites in the soil. This method is suited for subterranean termites living in the soil. The method is applied to the surrounding soil.

2.           Wood treatment:

A variety of wood treatments can use in order to kill existing termite colonies. It also prevents future ones from sprouting up. The wood treatment methods include surface sprays, borate treated woods, and injected sprays.

3.           Bait treatment:

Termite bait systems are effective in destroying colonies of termites. The method involves installing a bait station around the perimeter of a home along with monitoring the station. It will protect the home from both current infestations as well as future infestations.


If you want to ensure that your area stays termite-free, follow these simple steps after all measurements have been taken.

  • You should keep the drains and gutters clean to prevent leaks. Ensure that there are no blocked lines, filtration, and broken pipes with excess moisture around them.
  • Make sure that all the sources of moisture are eliminated. Keep humid areas clean by cleaning them periodically.
  • Termites tend to congregate in confined areas. Apply chemicals as soon as possible.
  • You should get rid of wood products that have been exposed to moisture or have been in contact with water for a prolonged period of time.
  • The wood shouldn’t touch the ground level.
  • You should not bury pieces of wood directly in the ground.
  • If junctions or voids exist, fill them up.


Pest control is necessary during construction, but you must also remember to perform pest control before the project begins. The foundation and ground can be treated with pesticides to minimize pest populations. You should also inspect the building after construction to ensure that there are no termite infestations. To put it simply, pest control needs to be performed before, during, and after construction.

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