One of the most common parasites that could be found on the body of our pets like cats, dogs are Ticks. Now, you may in need of Ticks Control. They can be more harmful to humans if the get once entrance through our pets in our home. Diseases like Tularemia and relapsing fever can be spread at your home through these parasites easily.

Are you suffering from Ticks and looking for Ticks Control?

So, by the time if your pet or any corner of home is infested by ticks, then definitely it’s the time to take steps to control it. Our company Star Al Madina Pest Control can provide you the most scientific solution to get rid of them. Our company mostly focuses services in U.A.E. region especially for the cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.

Tick Pest Control Dubai

What are Ticks?

One of the most wide spread parasite around the world especially found in warm humid climates are Ticks. They are small Arachnids. They are ectoparasites i.e. external parasites. Needless to say, in order to live they feed on the blood of mammals and birds. They have a spider like body structure. In real life, they mostly attack animals with fur, but later they attack humans too. For their survival, they completely depend on the blood of host animals. They are found in various sizes and colors, so gets harder to detect. As they have the common habit of ingesting blood, they are the vectors of at least twelve diseases that could badly affect animals and humans as well. Even migrating birds can carry ticks with them. Some of the most commonly found ticks in our pets are lone star tick, black legged tick, American dog tick etc.

Harmful effects of Tick infestation

Most ticks are implicated in transmitting infections caused by bacteria and virus. Tick bites do not have any direct serious health effects to us but their implications can have worse effects on human health. We can have allergic infections due to the bites. Sometimes it can be mild and sometimes more severe. It is a compulsion to remove ticks from the infected ones. They can cause irritating effects to animals too. They can cause more severe effects when they are implicated. As ticks can carry more than one disease agent at one time, patients get affected with more than one pathogen simultaneously which creates complexity during diagnosis and treatment as well. They carry germs for the disease like Tularemia, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, Ehrlichiosis, Typhus, Helvetica Spotted Fever, Bartonella etc. Overlapping of disease is the most dangerous effect it can show. Initially, the symptom of disease caused by tick bites are nausea, fever, vomiting, headache etc. It can also cause rashes in the skin. In severe cases they can cause Tick paralysis too.

Prevention from Tick infestations by applying Ticks control

In order to get rid of ticks, sanitation is one of the first requirement among the family members, pets and the probable corners of home. Pets should be bathed with the shampoo. If sanitation is maintained then it is easy to detect them whenever they enter through the pets, its gets complex with a messed and dirty room. All the pets residing in home should be checked thoroughly at least once a day, so that we can be confident about the prevention. We need to even check ourselves and our family members also for ensuring no tick condition at our home.If the ticks are removed within 36 hours, then their bites can’t infect us. So, a regular check is first priority among all. If ticks found, adults among them can be removed using fine-tipped tweezers. We can freeze them using medical wart remover as well. We can also use repellents which possess DEET on skin. We can also visit Veterinarian for tick preventing advices as well. Yeah definitely we can prevent our home with these simple procedures but once a home is infested hiring a professional pest controller like us would always be better for treatment and removal. We have hired well educated and experienced team of experts to make your home and our community free of ticks and their bites by ticks control method. Better you know now that our experts would work without any side effects on your pets and family members as well.