Are you constantly suffering from damage of books, clothing, photos, food and important documents because of silverfish? We help to provide service of silverfish control. Do you see a small silvery bug in every parts of your house like kitchen, basement, bathtub etc.?

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Introduction to Silverfish and Silverfish Control

Plague of a small silvery insect in household can be a constant cause of damage of objects, food and property. In our real life, one of the most commonly household pests is Silverfish. It is a small, completely wingless bug of silvery light grey and blue color, combined with the fish-like appearance. Although being small has very harmful effects. Silverfish are nocturnal insects i.e. active during nights, typically 13–25 mm (0.5–1.0 inches) long. The newly hatched ones are white, which develops grey as gets older.

Their life cycle can run for 8 years if they are in touch with sufficient water. They can survive for several weeks without water. Mostly, they consume any items that contain sugar, starches and dextrin as adhesives. Although they do not transmit disease, they are responsible for the contamination of food and other types of damage easily. They move in a rapid, quick manner, making them hard for home-owners to spot. High humidity is usually a contributing factor to its infestation. Silverfish can be found in sealed packages.

Harmful effects when you don’t do Silverfish Control

Silverfish is one among the harmful bugs. Needless to say, it can cause harms or can create problems for people residing in silverfish infected houses. They don’t have direct adverse effect on humans or pets, i.e. they don’t bite the livings. In real life, they mostly destroy book bindings, clothing, coffee, some paints, photos, glue, cosmetics etc. They can even damage wallpapers in order to consume the paste. Sometimes a serious infestation can easily strip walls off its coverings. They can even destroy cotton and silks, leatherware and synthetic fabrics .In our house, they survive at damp, dirty and moist locations.

Practically, in our households they are seen at basements, kitchen, bathtubs and other places. They destroy starchy foods as well, mostly rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Mostly, they victimize us by destroying our important files and documents which causes a great loss.

Silverfish Pest Control DubaiEliminating Silverfish

We have different ways to prevent silverfish infestation at your home. As they survive in damp and moist places, thrived spots in home should be fixed. Silverfish can be eliminated by understanding silverfish behavior and insecticide treatments. Relative humidity is the time when silverfish does not survive. It is always critical to do silverfish control because of humidity and moisture. It is also important to remove their food sources. A home should be clean and dry. Specially, goods should be kept at dry and clean places. Storing of books, clothes, food etc. should be done in clean dry and enclosed.

What next after Silverfish Pest Control

You need to follow:

– Inspection
– Elimination of sources of food
– Control of Moisture

Different types of chemicals and pesticides to control, repel or kill silverfishes. Some of the very popular and common chemicals involved Boric acid, Diatomaceous, Pyrethrin etc.

Silverfish dies when it gets contacted with:

  • Deltamethrin
  • Permethrin

Using pesticide dusts in areas where silverfish are hidden like Attic Insulation, Behind Refrigerators and Ovens, On Boxes, Light fixture, Electrical outlets, underneath siding can help to control silverfishes. Some of the natural techniques to remove silverfish from house can also be used such as making sticky traps, using bait, jar traps etc.

Although silverfishes can be controlled by different natural and chemical method, use of inappropriate use of chemical can have reverse effect in our life. Hence, before going for a chemical use, taking professional is a good idea to control the silverfish infestation. Contact us for Silverfish Control in Dubai, Sharjah.