We hire experts, to make your life safer and happier. If you are annoyed of some small pests and destruction by them, then it’s the time you must go for professional idea and help for rodent pest control. We have hired well qualified and experienced professional for your help. Our experts use the scientific methods and proven skills to make your house pests free. Contact us if you are facing the rodent problem at UAE regions especially at the cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Rodent Pest Control DubaiFurther about Rodent Pest Control

Mice are one of the most common problem all over the world. Unlike other pests it does not only destroy only one kind of property, it may destroy furniture, clothes, important documents, books, electric wires and others. Once it gets into your house, you will have to suffer any kind of destruction. Not only goods destruction, it can cause serious health problems too. Definitely, it is dangerous but do not feel panic. Our company Star Al Madina Pest Control have solution to your problem. We have experts panel for complete removal of mice from your house, office etc. Contact us for rodent pest control in your home, offices or other areas.

Introduction of Mouse

Mice are small rodents having a pointed snout and warm blooded mammals. Different categories of mice are available but all of them does not create problem to us. Rodent pest control is major service of star al madina. Mice those create problem to us are house mouse and are capable of surviving on almost every kind of food that is used up by the humans. They are nocturnal animals i.e. active during nights. They rest at their nest during day time while work on night times to
destroy human goods. They have a comfort zone preferably in warm cozy places. They could be found at our kitchen, garage and more hidden corners of house. They are gruesome so can create panic situation for some people.

Infestation of mice

There are several conditions to detect or know that your house is infested. They are quite simple as well like if you hear sound of running rodents, if you frequently find destroyed food packets i.e. either they are bitten or chewed or food items dispersed near packet, clothes having holes of rodent bites, books chewed at bookshelves etc.

Harmful effects of mice infestation at house

Mice are one among the most harmful pests. They are capable to harm us in terms of our property as well as human health. They are capable for destroying important documents and expensive clothes. They can easily bite upper plastic layer of wires that could cause serious potential hazard to humans, sometimes may lead to loss of life as well. They can carry various diseases germs and can leave them to our food as well.
The urine of mice causes a disease named Lymphocytic Choriomenangitis which is responsible for nausea, fever, headache and even sometimes brain damage in worse.


First step to keep any kind of disease or germs away from your house is maintaining sanitation at your house, office and other places. Similarly, for making a house free of mice infestation we must keep it clean. In next step, we must care about food i.e. food remains should be managed in clean and enclosed and safe places. We need to store food in containers having tight lids rather than loose ones. Food should be kept at the places where mice could not reach easily. Cracks, gaps and holes in house should be sealed or cemented properly. If after even applying these ideas your house gets mice infested, you must go for the professional idea and tricks otherwise it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. So if you suffering with mice infestation at your home call us, our experts are there for your help.
Our experts will help you to make your house mice free.