Controlling pests for your peaceful and happy lifestyle is the main motto of Star Al Madina Pest Control. We provide service for Moth Extermination. We have hired qualified and experienced manpower for removal of pests from your any corner of your home, office, school, hotel, hospital and other places. Are you irritated with a comprise of insects that more or less is related to butterfly? Don’t forget to contact us for your convenience, we are active in different cities of UAE region. We are well equipped and have required chemicals for extermination of moths and more pests as well.

Introduction to Moth Extermination

The group of butterfly like insects that could be found be in different size, shape and colors are moths. They belong to the order Lepidopetra. Casually they are nocturnal by nature i.e. are active during nights. Approximately 16000 species of moths are estimated or better to say discovered yet and more to be discovered yet. They are very similar to butterfly but can be identified easily. Butterflies have thin antenna along with small balls or clubs at its end while moth’s antenna vary in appearance, particularly they lack the club end. They mostly depend on plants for their survival to feed whereas some of them are also blood feeders i.e. they suck the blood from animals. They can be irritating for households but they constitute a very important role the in ecosystem. Some of the commonly found types of moths are Almond moths, Buck Moths, Eastern tent caterpillar, Angoumois grain moth, Forest tent caterpillar, Bagworms, Armyworms, Coneworms, Cankerworms, Casemaking clothes moths, Fall web worms, Gypsy moths, Pantry moths, Cabbage looper, Webbing clothes moths, Mediterranean flour moths, Emperor gun moth and others. They frequently appear to circle artificial lights.

Moth Extermination Pest ControlHarmful effects of moths

Moth Extermination are mainly dangerous regarding furniture made of wood i.e. they are capable to destroy items made of wood. They are also capable to damage silk items and fur items may be expensive silk sarees, dresses and others as well. Most of them don’t harm us whereas some of them are poisonous to human body i.e. they can be very harmful and can create the worst situations. The poison generally resides in its wings and are
capable of creating problems regarding heart muscle. The chemicals residing in their wings can be harmful to eyes as well and at worst can cause great damage to eyes if not has a treatment timely. They are also responsible to damage crops. They mostly feed on grains and food items stored by humans and can also leave different kinds of disgusting trails to food items too. They are able to create a sense of irritation and
disgust among people. Casually they don’t seem dangerous but at worse they can create unexpected problems for us.

Signs of moth infestation, Moth Extermination

In a casual human living space there are lots of signs to detect moth’s infestation, so that we can be aware of them and plan for their removal from our living spaces. Same of the common signs are webbing of moths, their cocoons are seen, damage in our fabric items can be found, stored food items could be damaged and the remains are webbed and at different locations their pupae can be seen at the corners or hidden places of house.

Moth extermination control

Lots of ways have been discovered to reduce the infestation of moths at homes. Generally, they are supposed to be enter our home through the doors or windows so initially our houses should be kept sealed and clean as well. We should check food items before we purchase or even we eat. We can also use repellant to chase them away easily. Whereas even after applying these prevention their infestations continues then we must go for the professionals for their permanent removal.