Nesting and roosting of pest birds in buildings are quite a common sight to see. Although birds are quite beautiful creatures their presence in the building can really cause various problems to resident of the building. They are known to leave debris and droppings in the buildings they stay. These debris and droppings really degrade the look of the building and leave negative impression on people. They are also acidic in nature which can damage the structure of the building. Birds also are known to carry various kinds of diseases, some of which are fatal to human beings. Most victims of these diseases are children and old people who have weak immune system.

It also costs people lots of money to clean the building infested by bird. Many commercial buildings and public building suffer through this kind of problem and have to pay heavily. Bird infestation also has been found to affect the business of the commercial building hence along with the cleaning cost they also cost people with the loss of money in the business.

Star Al Madina Pest Control is a company that provides you with the professional solution for your all kinds of bird problem. We provide our services for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial settings. Our expert will help you get rid of the pest birds from your buildings with high efficiency. We also provide our customers with some of the best products that will help to keep the birds away from buildings. We provide superior customer services to our customer along with free expert advice. We look to get rid of the birds without causing serious harms to the birds as we understand they are also an important part of huge ecosystem. Our services are highly economical compared with the thousands of dollars spent on cleaning bird debris and droppings on the building.

Some of our products are bird netting, bird repellants, electric tracks, bird spikes, sound bird deterrent, visual bird deterrent, hazers and thermal foggers etc.


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