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Termites or white ants have become another biggest pest problem in Dubai. Any structure made of wood or cellulose is the major target of termites. They attack and damage these structures as soon as they infest the structure. This might even lead to a complete destruction of the structure.

Anti Termite Pest Control DubaiIs Termite Causing Damages to your Property?

The very first step to Termite Treatment Dubai or to get rid of them is to detect the signs of termite. This can be easily detected if you spot any kind of mud-like material appearing on wood, sawdust and paint bubbles. If not controlled in time, these termites might cause a major damage to the structure. However, we as a professional Dubai pest control company can definitely help you with our prevention and extermination methods to keep your property safe from the termites.

In order to prevent termite we use one of the most common termite prevention methods, that is, creating chemical barrier around buildings to kill the termites. We will also treat the soil around the common entrance point with liquid pesticides which will kill the termites if they use the same route to enter. These methods are faster methods to control termites. We also use termite baits and traps which are used to poison the termites. This method is usually slow but equally effective as the chemical soil treatment method.

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Termite pest control is one of the qualitative service provided by us to our customers. One among the most common and persistent type of pest that is seen or found in the households is termite. Termite can harm our health directly. So, Termite pest controls are needed at our home, office and other places as well. We have hired professionals who have long experiences regarding controlling termite at households at UAE. So, if any corner of your home is infected of termites, don’t forget to contact us and make your home termite free.


The small (measuring between: 4 to 15 mms), wood eating insects which could be easily found living in colonies are non- other than termites. They hold a very soft body and are social among insects. As they show social behavior, they have different classes in their system. According to their system, they have one among them head of their colony could be stated as their queen who specifically lays eggs. They have also soldier
castes who bears the responsibility of defending their colony from the capable dangers. So, they are the most successful group of insects on the earth. They have also the worker group of termites whose main purpose is to collect food, food storage, build nests and it’s maintenance for the rest termites. Their main source of food are the woods so they are the most capable one among destroying wood made furniture. If you
are suffering from your favorite furniture destruction at UAE then at the regions like Dubai, Abu Dhabi – Star Al Madina are available to give solution to your problem, for termite control.

Where can be they found?

Mostly the termites could be found at dark places of our home or office. They bear anti photo taxis i.e. they do not like light. They are able to travel very far from their nests, as far as 100m. Mostly, they travel in dark to search food so it is quite harder to find their nest. They use dark corners of our room, cracks in our walls to hide. They have their nests in the mounds of the soil, which is harder to find and destroy. As UAE is hot region, lots of homes and offices in Dubai are suffering from termite attacks and destruction of their furniture. For protecting your expensive and favorite furniture you definitely need termite pest controls. So, if you are planning to preserve your furniture
and destroy termites you can call us and receive services from us.

Anti Termite infestation

Anti Termite infestation are very dangerous to the wood made furniture available at offices, homes and more places. As we know, wooden furniture are one of the most expensive items at our home. Needless to say, termites can cause a huge loss of property to us. Furniture like dining tables, bed, chairs, cupboards and even the wooden doors are mostly at risk of getting destroyed by termites if they are in contact with the ground.
Hence, prevention is always better than cure. So, it would be much better to treat termites before they damage our furniture and destroy our money.

Treatment of anti termites

It’s a tough job to find the nests of termites so it’s hard to destroy their nests at once. But we can easily treat their food i.e. wooden furniture or other items as well. Our company can guarantee you the eradication of termites using the best scientific methods. Our company provides range of services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates as well. Among them, we are expert at termite pest control. Firstly, we inspect areas where termite pest control could be required, then our experts take action to control termite infested. And if you control termite pest timely, you do not have to panic for its consequences later. So, take your decision on time and save your costly furniture.