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A pest is any living organism that can cause that can cause substantial damage to human health or other parts of life that concern human. In a more common way we understand pests are those plants or animals that deter the living condition of humans or cause damage to agricultural products or production as well as livestock and human health.

Pest problems have been a great matter of concern since the beginning of human civilization. Pest control company provide solutions for different type pests.

Pest Control points and Pest Control Company in Dubai

These pests are known to cause various kinds of diseases, create uncomfortable living environment, damage valuable property, damage food items and many create other problems. Generally pests are invasive in nature and they invade a certain location with high density. A pest may be a plant, fungus or animal although generally pests like mite, bed bugs, termite, rats etc. are the types of pests more common in human living space.

There are thousands of types of pests around the world and some common types of pests found in the Dubai, UAE region are as follows:


Cockroach is definitely one of the most found pests in the household of UAE. These insects generally come out in the dark to roam in your kitchen and other parts of house. Once infested by these brown gross insects they are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. These insects will be crawling in your sink, lying on the garbage bin, biting off your food once they invade your homes. Apart from grossing out human they are also vary harmful for your health. They contaminate the foods by leaving various kinds of germs which they carry in their body parts. They are one of the most effective vectors of germs in households. Food poisoning, diarrhea etc. are caused due to cockroaches. They also often bite human and cause wounds and rashes in the skin.

Bed bug

Bed bug is another type of pest that is very prevalent in the household of UAE. These are very tiny insects and are capable in surviving in some of the harshest of conditions and hence once infested by these bugs is not easy to get rid of. They specially come out at night and bite humans to suck blood. They are highly irritating and cause sleep deprivation in many individuals. Other than sleep deprivation they also cause many health issues such as skin rashes, blisters and allergic reaction.


Rat infestations in home can be very dangerous if not controlled properly. They are harmful for human health as well as properties. They can cause damage to the buildings they infest because of their destructive nature. They also bite off items like clothes, bed sheets, leather bags, purses, belts etc. They are also known to eat stored food items and carry various kinds of diseases. Their bites can cause rat-fever in human and contact with their urine can cause deadly disease like leptospirosis. Other diseases transmitted by rats are lymphocytic choriomeningitis, bubonic plague, salmonellosis etc.
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Termite is the biggest enemy of human properties. They are highly capable of destroying any properties that is made of wood in matter of days. Termites can destroy wooden beds, tables, cupboards and all kinds of valuable wooden furnitures available to them. But termites are not only limited to destroy wooden items they also are known to consume items such as paper and clothes.

Along with these pests other common pests in the household of UAE are silver fish, moths, housefly, mice, ants and carpet beetles.

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