Effects of Pest Control

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Pest infestation is the harsh truth of our everyday life. The effects of pest control is very bad if it is not done correctly. Our homes, pets and agricultural farms etc. are very often infested by pests. They create a lot of distress, health problems and loss of properties if not controlled.
Due to this it is obvious for people to look for the solution of pest. One of the often chosen route by people for pest control are using of pesticides without any professional help. Yes, pesticides can have a lot of positive advantages if used properly but one have to keep in mind that these pesticides for pest control can cause more damage and loss than advantage if not used appropriately.

Effects of Pest Control

Hazardous spray of pesticides has been known to create number of problems regarding environment and health of human. According to various researches and expert in the field 98% of the pesticides used for pest control reach non-targeted destination. This stat is a worrisome data for many environmentalists around the world.

Pesticides used in agriculture reach directly or indirectly to our food table which contributes in increased risk of cancer, kidney failure, digestive problems and many other health risks. Foods grown by using hazardous pesticides are one of the main health concerns of today’s world. The pesticides used in agriculture reach to our water system by various means. Hazardous pest control may help reduce the targeted pests but they also are likely to kill other organisms which are good for environment and ecosystem. These poisonous pesticides result in poisoning the water systems such as lake, river, well etc.

Are you aware of Effects of Pest Control?

Through these water systems these poisonous pesticides enter the body of human and all the other living organisms that rely on the water systems. This has resulted in various kinds of diseases in birds and wild animals as well as domestic farm animals. The constant exposure to such chemicals is sure to have many negative impacts on the ecosystem. For example exposure to the DDE pesticides have resulted in thinning of egg shells in birds and animals. It is also responsible for thyroid disruption in birds, rodents, amphibians and fish. Exposure to chlordane is known to weaken the immune system of living organisms. Triazole results in disruption of thyroid, dysfunction of metabolism and in fertilization in animals.

Pesticides also cause air pollution in most cases. High use of pesticides results in formation of pesticide drift in the air. The pesticides are volatile in nature and they can easily get mixed in the air and get carried to various places by the wind. They react with other pollutants in the air and create highly dangerous air pollutant. These air pollutants can enter our bloodstream through respiration to cause various problems. Apart from pesticides used for pest control used in agricultures, there are also various types of pesticides used in our homes and working place. Some of the common pests found in our homes are rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, silver fishes, ticks etc. Customer should know about effects of pest control before applying pest control.
These pests create various kinds of problems to our daily life. Pesticides used to control these pests generally come in direct contact to us than the pesticides used in agriculture. Uncontrolled and unprofessional use of these pesticides results in vomiting, nausea, dizziness, eye pain, skin burn etc. especially in infants and old people. Various studies have shown that thousands of people lose their life due to insecticide poisoning and millions of them get infected. Constant hazardous use of pesticides contributes to high risk of cancer, reduced fertility, birth
defects and even death. Use of pesticides has been linked to asthma, depression and memory disorders too. Hence it is very necessary to take professional help for pest control in your homes or agricultural farms. Our company Star Al Madina Pest Control have group of highly trained group of staff for pest control. We are well equipped for all kinds of pest control with minimum risk to human health and environment.


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