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The pandemic of Covid-19 have completely changed the world and the way people live their life. It has become one of the most important thing to control the virus as it has become a matter of life and death. Sanitation and disinfection has become a part of daily life. Without proper disinfection and sanitation services working places have become dangerous to work.

Every commercial buildings have been affected by the pandemic and people need to be very careful to create safe working environment and for the customers as well. Star Al Madina is exclusively providing disinfecting and sanitation services throughout the UAE region. Our services are available in all the major cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujjiarah and Ras Al Khaimah. All our treatment services are approved by Environmental Protection Agency which also shows that our services are not only effective but are environment friendly too. We have been able to provide comprehensive and effective service in areas infected by coronavirus and bacterial infections. Some commercial business we provide our businesses are hotels, arena and stadiums, restaurants, food and beverage processing, office buildings, retail stores, grocery stores, schools and daycare facilities, healthcare, property management, shopping centers, physician’s offices, government offices etc.

Disinfecting treatment

Our team is highly experienced in disinfecting a selective area in an effective way with the help of disinfectants. The disinfectants used are chosen from a broad spectrum with great virucidal components to ensure fast sanitation of the required surfaces in homes and businesses. We are the number one choice and approved by all the required government agencies for emergency disease control and prevention. The action plan to keep you and people around you safe from coronavirus is to have regular treatment service from us.

How safe are our sanitation services?

This is one of the most asked questions about our services. Many people think that sanitation services use highly toxic chemicals to achieve total disinfection we ensure our customers that it is not the case. We believe in application of first-rate safety that is safe for the worker and for the services being used. We systematically choose disinfectants that easily break down naturally in environment and have no effects on the overall effect in the people. Choosing the health over any kind of short-term benefit have always been our property since we began our services.

How quick is our service?

We believe in fast and quick response to our client’s request. Our emergency response team is always standing by to provide you with fast services in the time of requirement. We understand that coronavirus can strike an area rapidly hence we are always ready to provide our services as quick as possible.

Treatment preparation steps and precautions

  • Materials such as paper work, artwork that can easily be damaged by moisture should be removed before the treatment.
  • Food items should not be exposed in the area to be treated.
  • It is better to lock the utensils in a cupboard or a safe place before the treatment procedure.
  • The electrical equipment should be covered with a proper covering during the procedure.
  • Any kind of objects that can block proper access area for the technicians should be removed.
  • The items that are covered during the procedure should be sanitized with products such as aerosol spray or alcohol based wipe.
  • Additional measures need to be taken in the presence of fish tanks, aquariums or ponds.

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