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Fumigation Services

Pest problems are always annoying and cause damages. Whether its cockroach in your cupboards, or bed bugs under your bed, you may need to call Pest Dubai for complete pest control services to eliminate the problem. When pests take over business premises such as restaurants or food storage companies, they can be a health hazard. In such cases, pest fumigation may be the only solution.

What is Fumigation?
Pest fumigation is a pest control method that fills an entire stored products with fumigants that will either poison or suffocate the pests inside. Fumigation is the most common and harmless method for pest control and elimination. It involves the use of pesticides in gaseous form, called fumigants, to poison pests in a residential and business complex or public space that has been infested.

Fumigation Agents and products.
Most common fumigants are phosphine, chloropicrin, Magnesium Phosphide, sulfuryl fluoride and iodoform. Fumigants are very effective in eliminating pest and bugs but it’s not harmful for human which makes this agents a best practice in pest controlling.

Pest Dubai is the best fumigation control company in Dubai.

We Provide complete fumigation solution on different spaces from cargo fumigation, food storage fumigation to container fumigation.

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Domestic Pest Control

Pest problem is quite a common problem in the household or homes of Dubai. Most of the homes suffer through pest infestation one time or the other. The climate and geographical location has a lot of role to play in it. Some of the most common type of pests found in domestic homes in Dubai is bed bug, termite, cockroach, rat, silver fish, tick etc. Our company Star Al Madina Pest control is the one stop solution for all kinds of pest problems. We are the most trustworthy and reputed company that provides domestic pest control.

Pest infestation in homes can cause high distress in people. Pests can cause loss of properties as they can damage valuable goods. Pests are known to damage goods such as wooden furniture, clothes, papers etc. which can carry a great deal of value for the people. Along with loss of property they also cause health issues. They can cause food poisoning and allergies especially in the infants and children. They also can cause some of the very deadly diseases that can cause loss of life.

Upon pest infestation people generally tend to look for short term solution in their homes instead of looking for professional help. While using pesticides personally in homes to get rid of the pest can be an economical solution it might necessarily be effective. This can have adverse effect on health of the people living in the home. It can also be a short term solution of the pests.

Our company Star Al Madina is dedicated to provide a long term solution to the pest problems of our customers with a healthy approach. We strictly follow all the safety regulations determined by the authorities of Dubai and international safety standards while providing our services. First of all we identify the reason and source of pest infestation and treat the problems from the root. This provides a long term solution of the pest problems to our customers.

We want you to live you and your family in the most comprehensively healthiest environment. We are encouraged by the humble words of praise and encouragement of our customers to carry our good work. So contact us today to get rid of all kinds of pests in your home and create a healthy living environment for you and your family.