Get rid of ant infestation

Ants are insects which are very active during the summer. They can be seen everywhere form the driveway to the bedroom during the summer. Ants are generally not a harmful insect but too much of them invading in the living space can be a real nuisance. Sometimes they may start to show up too much too often and that’s when you realize that they should be got rid of.

There are different types of ants and different types of ant require different treatment. Each species of ant differ from each other in their nature. Some of the ants are actually dangerous for human and their sting can really hurt people. Ants are extremely hard to get rid of so it is better to prevent them then to search for the cure.

Our company Star Al Madina provides the best solution for all kinds of ant infestation in the safest and humanely way. We have been providing our services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah etc. for over a decade. Our service are available for hospitals, schools, shopping malls, offices, retail shops, swimming pools, cinema halls, restaurants, hotels, residential homes, governmental buildings etc.

There are hundreds of species of ants in the world. Ants are some of the most advanced insects in the world. Some of the most common types of ants found around our surroundings are as follows:

Pavement ants

These are the most common type of ants found in the city area. They can be seen almost everywhere outside. Sometimes they may find way inside your home through various means. They may build their nests in the cracks or corners of the walls. They may be dark brown or black in color and are medium sized type ants. They have six legs just like any other ants and eat almost anything on their way. They eat bread crumbs, meat, sugar, nuts etc. which are regular foods to human. They can spread diseases by contaminating the food and hence they are considered to be a pest.

Field ants

They are larger in size in comparison to the pavement ants. They are often confused with the carpenter ants because they both are similar in size. They have wide range of color which are yellow, brown, black etc. They generally make their nest outside in the ground. They generally invade homes in search sweet foods such as honey, sugar, chocolates etc. Their bites can be very painful but do not have any known long term effect on human body.

Odorous house ants

These ants are very small in size and are found in brown and black color. They generally live under firewood or exposed ground. If they happen to find moist and dark space inside the home then they may nest inside the house too. They give off unpleasant odor when crushed so other ways should be used to get rid of the ants rather than killing.

Some of the few easy tricks to avoid ant infestation are as follows:

  • Leaving food exposed outside should be avoided. It is better to put the food in air tight condition inside a refrigerator.
  • The dishes in the sink should not be left unwashed for a long time. The food remains in the dish can attract ants inside home.
  • The counter must be cleaned regularly after ever meal.
  • The house floor should be vacuumed on regular basis.
  • If any food is spilled on the ground then it should be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Water damaged wood should be quickly removed from inside the house.
  • The trash should not be kept in the house for a long time.


Disinfectant and sanitation services

The pandemic of Covid-19 have completely changed the world and the way people live their life. It has become one of the most important thing to control the virus as it has become a matter of life and death. Sanitation and disinfection has become a part of daily life. Without proper disinfection and sanitation services working places have become dangerous to work. Every commercial buildings have been affected by the pandemic and people need to be very careful to create safe working environment and for the customers as well. Star Al Madina is exclusively providing disinfecting and sanitation services throughout the UAE region. Our services are available in all the major cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujjiarah and Ras Al Khaimah. All our treatment services are approved by Environmental Protection Agency which also shows that our services are not only effective but are environment friendly too. We have been able to provide comprehensive and effective service in areas infected by coronavirus and bacterial infections. Some commercial business we provide our businesses are hotels, arena and stadiums, restaurants, food and beverage processing, office buildings, retail stores, grocery stores, schools and daycare facilities, healthcare, property management, shopping centers, physician’s offices, government offices etc.

Disinfecting treatment

Our team is highly experienced in disinfecting a selective area in an effective way with the help of disinfectants. The disinfectants used are chosen from a broad spectrum with great virucidal components to ensure fast sanitation of the required surfaces in homes and businesses. We are the number one choice and approved by all the required government agencies for emergency disease control and prevention. The action plan to keep you and people around you safe from coronavirus is to have regular treatment service from us.

How safe are our sanitation services?

This is one of the most asked questions about our services. Many people think that sanitation services use highly toxic chemicals to achieve total disinfection we ensure our customers that it is not the case. We believe in application of first-rate safety that is safe for the worker and for the services being used. We systematically choose disinfectants that easily break down naturally in environment and have no effects on the overall effect in the people. Choosing the health over any kind of short-term benefit have always been our property since we began our services.

How quick is our service?

We believe in fast and quick response to our client’s request. Our emergency response team is always standing by to provide you with fast services in the time of requirement. We understand that coronavirus can strike an area rapidly hence we are always ready to provide our services as quick as possible.

Treatment preparation steps and precautions

  • Materials such as paper work, artwork that can easily be damaged by moisture should be removed before the treatment.
  • Food items should not be exposed in the area to be treated.
  • It is better to lock the utensils in a cupboard or a safe place before the treatment procedure.
  • The electrical equipment should be covered with a proper covering during the procedure.
  • Any kind of objects that can block proper access area for the technicians should be removed.
  • The items that are covered during the procedure should be sanitized with products such as aerosol spray or alcohol based wipe.
  • Additional measures need to be taken in the presence of fish tanks, aquariums or ponds.

Carpenter ant problem

Ants can really be a nuisance at homes and at working places. Their nature of intruding human property in large numbers of group causes the real problem. But when people are talking about ant they generally focus on their painful bite and do not associate them with the damage of property. People always think about termite when talking about damage to the woods but there is certain type of ants which just like termites attack wooden materials for their survival and they are known as carpenter ants.


Carpenter ants are comparatively larger ants than their counterparts and as their name suggest they like chewing through woods. They have a large black colored body which is easily recognizable. The basic difference between a termite and the carpenter ant is that the termites attack wood for food but carpenter ants do not eat food. In fact carpenter ants attack woods to make their nesting sites only. Termites leave moist soil where they burrow but carpenter ants leave saw dust behind where they burrow.

Carpenter ants do not create any health hazards directly but because of their nature to chew through woods to build their nesting sites are harmful to the property. These ants can be devastating to homes, apartments and businesses because of their excavating habits. These ants generally enter the homes through firewood, cracks in the wall, holes in the exterior wall, windows etc. They infest the home in search of food and water from the debris, kitchen sinks and bathrooms.

How easy is it to tackle?

Fighting against the infestation of carpenter ants is not an easy task. They can spread to create new nests at a very high pace. Even if one nest is left they can easily multiply in numbers and create new colonies. Taking some steps by yourself to control the ants may be helpful to a certain extend but not as effective as a professional help.

Our company Star Al Madina is a well-known pest control service company that provides professional help to eliminate carpenter ant infestation in your homes and properties. Our experts exactly know what to do when it comes to handling carpenter ants. Our services are available in all the cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujjarirah.

There are few things people can do by themselves to control the carpenter ant infestation in their homes and properties:

  • It is a good idea to conduct routine inspection for frass in and around your property.
  • It is not a good idea to store woods inside the house for more than two days.
  • People should also know what a carpenter ant looks like. It is better to act as soon as possible when they are seen in your property. The infestation may become harder to get rid of with the time passing.

With these few prevention methods people can protect their homes from carpenter ants to a certain extent but it is always a good idea to take professional help to get rid of the ant infestation. Pest control is not just about getting rid of the pests but doing in environment friendly way. Untrained people may use pesticides haphazardly and ineffectively which can affect the overall health of people. Knowing what to use, when to use, how to use and how much to use for pest control is very important. Without this knowledge use of pesticides can cause more harm than good to the user. Our company is dedicated to create a pest free environment for our clients so they can enjoy great quality of healthy life.

Avoiding summer flea infestation

Are you worried about fleas entering your home? Are you confused how fleas are getting in? Fleas infestation happens due to a number of reasons for which you may not necessarily be responsible for. Fleas infestation is dangerous for your pets and your family and can plague you mercilessly. We can find many people getting frustrated time and time again after trying many things and not getting rid of the flea infestation. Flea infestation does not affect physical health but it puts risk to the mental health as well. Fleas create a continuous sense of disgust and irritation in the people. It is not a pleasant sight to see. Flea infestation can invade your living premises again and again even when you think you have done absolutely everything to be safe.

Star Al Madina is here to help you prevent all kind of pest infestation and ensure you live a safe and healthier life. We have been serving in cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujjairah.

Reasons of flea infestation

The main reason of flea infestation is mostly related to the overall sanitation of your pets such as dogs and cats. Fleas are very different pest from cockroaches, mosquitos, rats etc. They do not enter homes by flying through windows or jumping and crawling inside the home. They generally sit on the back of a pet to enter the home. They need a carrier to enter the home which is why it may be slightly easier to stop the fleas from entering by following certain things. With other rodents and cockroaches it becomes slightly difficult because they can crawl in the house through walls and cracks in the house. Taking care of overall sanitation of pets is the key to successfully avoid flea infestation.

Controlling pets to keep fleas off them

  • The owner should have the control of the pets and where they roam.
  • It is a good idea to use a high-quality flea control products suggested by veterinarian to keep the fleas away from the pets.
  • Regular bathing and grooming can help a great deal to avoid flea infestation.
  • The pets should not be left free to roam around freely. When the pets are taken outside they should be leashed or kept inside a fenced area.
  • Rodents and other wildlife can also carry fleas into your home. It is a good idea to make the yard less welcoming to wild animals and rodents. Removing holes, trimming the grass short, keeping the yard trash free are some of the ways to discourage rodent and wild animal invasion.
  • If pets are kept away from flurry animals your pets are less likely to be invaded by fleas.

Risks that is carried by flea infestation

One great danger fleas carry is their capability to spread plague. Plague causes death among thousands of people around the world every year. It contains symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, weakness, swollen tender, painful lymph nodes etc. It is not a big problems in developed countries due to the availability of medical facilities nevertheless it should not be taken lightly.Typhus is another disease that is associated with flea infestation. This can cause symptoms such as headache, fever, chills and rashes in people. Many pets suffer from allergy dermatitis, hair loss and irritations in the skin. Kittens and puppies also suffer from anemia if the flea infestation in big. It is also found that fleas can also carry tapeworms. These tapeworms are known to affect pets but in many cases they also can be found in small children.

Fumigation Services Dubai

Fumigation Services

Pest problems are always annoying and cause damages. Whether its cockroach in your cupboards, or bed bugs under your bed, you may need to call Pest Dubai for complete pest control services to eliminate the problem. When pests take over business premises such as restaurants or food storage companies, they can be a health hazard. In such cases, pest fumigation may be the only solution.

What is Fumigation?
Pest fumigation is a pest control method that fills an entire stored products with fumigants that will either poison or suffocate the pests inside. Fumigation is the most common and harmless method for pest control and elimination. It involves the use of pesticides in gaseous form, called fumigants, to poison pests in a residential and business complex or public space that has been infested.

Fumigation Agents and products.
Most common fumigants are phosphine, chloropicrin, Magnesium Phosphide, sulfuryl fluoride and iodoform. Fumigants are very effective in eliminating pest and bugs but it’s not harmful for human which makes this agents a best practice in pest controlling.

Pest Dubai is the best fumigation control company in Dubai.

We Provide complete fumigation solution on different spaces from cargo fumigation, food storage fumigation to container fumigation.

Call +971 42682305 for fumigation services in Dubai and other urban parts of UAE.

Domestic Pest Control

Pest problem is quite a common problem in the household or homes of Dubai. Most of the homes suffer through pest infestation one time or the other. The climate and geographical location has a lot of role to play in it. Some of the most common type of pests found in domestic homes in Dubai is bed bug, termite, cockroach, rat, silver fish, tick etc. Our company Star Al Madina Pest control is the one stop solution for all kinds of pest problems. We are the most trustworthy and reputed company that provides domestic pest control.

Pest infestation in homes can cause high distress in people. Pests can cause loss of properties as they can damage valuable goods. Pests are known to damage goods such as wooden furniture, clothes, papers etc. which can carry a great deal of value for the people. Along with loss of property they also cause health issues. They can cause food poisoning and allergies especially in the infants and children. They also can cause some of the very deadly diseases that can cause loss of life.

Upon pest infestation people generally tend to look for short term solution in their homes instead of looking for professional help. While using pesticides personally in homes to get rid of the pest can be an economical solution it might necessarily be effective. This can have adverse effect on health of the people living in the home. It can also be a short term solution of the pests.

Our company Star Al Madina is dedicated to provide a long term solution to the pest problems of our customers with a healthy approach. We strictly follow all the safety regulations determined by the authorities of Dubai and international safety standards while providing our services. First of all we identify the reason and source of pest infestation and treat the problems from the root. This provides a long term solution of the pest problems to our customers.

We want you to live you and your family in the most comprehensively healthiest environment. We are encouraged by the humble words of praise and encouragement of our customers to carry our good work. So contact us today to get rid of all kinds of pests in your home and create a healthy living environment for you and your family.

Commercial Pest Control Dubai

Commercial Pest Control

As one of the most trusted Pest control company in the largest city of United Arab Emirates Dubai we have been providing commercial pest control for all kinds of commercial buildings. Star Al Madina Pest Control is all in one solution for all kinds of pest problems in all kinds of commercial buildings. e have been helping many businesses in Dubai to get rid of pests and maintain healthy and safe environment. We have been supplying our services to some of the most reputed hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc.

Our management and quick responsiveness is one of the key to building strong and cohesive relationship with our customers. Our main focus is to find the most ecofriendly and effective solutions for our customers that help them to maintain all the safety, health and environmental standards required. We help our customers to leave a positive impression on their customers on their business. Many commercial buildings in Dubai have launched zero tolerance policy to pests as there is growing concern about the health issues caused by pests. Our company not only provides pest control solutions but also provides valuable expert suggestion to minimize the chances of pest infestation in the building.

Our team of highly experienced staff is ready to help our customers any time of the day and year. We understand that business is very important for you and what pests can have effects on your business, hence we provide quick response team that can reach at your door instantly.

We have been helping you to protect your valuable goods from the pests and build a brand of your business. We are proud of ourselves as we have successfully built our business relationships with some of the most reputed businesses going around.

Hazardous approach to the pest control treatment can really hamper the health of people. Different researches have shown that uncontrolled use of pesticides for pest control cause deadly disease like cancer. We put special emphasis on building a eco-friendly approach to the pest control solution because along with getting rid of the pests we also want to protect the health of our customers.

More About pest control in Dubai

Know About Pest Control Company

A pest is any living organism that can cause that can cause substantial damage to human health or other parts of life that concern human. In a more common way we understand pests are those plants or animals that deter the living condition of humans or cause damage to agricultural products or production as well as livestock and human health. Pest problems have been a great matter of concern since the beginning of human civilization. Pest control company provide solutions for different type pests.

Pest Control points and Pest Control Company in Dubai

These pests are known to cause various kinds of diseases, create uncomfortable living environment, damage valuable property, damage food items and many create other problems. Generally pests are invasive in nature and they invade a certain location with high density. A pest may be a plant, fungus or animal although generally pests like mite, bed bugs, termite, rats etc. are the types of pests more common in human living space.

There are thousands of types of pests around the world and some common types of pests found in the Dubai, UAE region are as follows:


Cockroach is definitely one of the most found pests in the household of UAE. These insects generally come out in the dark to roam in your kitchen and other parts of house. Once infested by these brown gross insects they are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. These insects will be crawling in your sink, lying on the garbage bin, biting off your food once they invade your homes. Apart from grossing out human they are also vary harmful for your health. They contaminate the foods by leaving various kinds of germs which they carry in their body parts. They are one of the most effective vectors of germs in households. Food poisoning, diarrhea etc. are caused due to cockroaches. They also often bite human and cause wounds and rashes in the skin.

Bed bug

Bed bug is another type of pest that is very prevalent in the household of UAE. These are very tiny insects and are capable in surviving in some of the harshest of conditions and hence once infested by these bugs is not easy to get rid of. They specially come out at night and bite humans to suck blood. They are highly irritating and cause sleep deprivation in many individuals. Other than sleep deprivation they also cause many health issues such as skin rashes, blisters and allergic reaction.


Rat infestations in home can be very dangerous if not controlled properly. They are harmful for human health as well as properties. They can cause damage to the buildings they infest because of their destructive nature. They also bite off items like clothes, bed sheets, leather bags, purses, belts etc. They are also known to eat stored food items and carry various kinds of diseases. Their bites can cause rat-fever in human and contact with their urine can cause deadly disease like leptospirosis. Other diseases transmitted by rats are lymphocytic choriomeningitis, bubonic plague, salmonellosis etc.
We are pest control company which provides difference pest related services.


Termite is the biggest enemy of human properties. They are highly capable of destroying any properties that is made of wood in matter of days. Termites can destroy wooden beds, tables, cupboards and all kinds of valuable wooden furnitures available to them. But termites are not only limited to destroy wooden items they also are known to consume items such as paper and clothes.

Along with these pests other common pests in the household of UAE are silver fish, moths, housefly, mice, ants and carpet beetles.

Star Al Madina Pest Control is a highly experienced pest control company based in Dubai. We have highly experienced group of staff working in the field of pest control. We have been providing pest control services all over Dubai for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, departmental stores and other commercial buildings. Contact us today to get rid of any kinds of pest infestation and create a healthy environment for you and your business.

Serving Pest Control in Dubai

Effects of pest control

Pest infestation is the harsh truth of our everyday life. Effects of pest control is very bad if it is not done correctly. Our homes, pets and agricultural farms etc. are very often infested by pests. They create a lot of distress, health problems and loss of properties if not controlled. Due to this it is obvious for people to look for the solution of pest. One of the often chosen route by people for pest control are using of pesticides without any professional help. Yes, pesticides can have a lot of positive advantages if used properly but one have to keep in mind that these pesticides for pest control can cause more damage and loss than advantage if not used appropriately.

Effects of Pest Control

Hazardous spray of pesticides has been known to create number of problems regarding environment and health of human. According to various researches and expert in the field 98% of the pesticides used for pest control reach non-targeted destination. This stat is a worrisome data for many environmentalists around the world.

Pesticides used in agriculture reach directly or indirectly to our food table which contributes in increased risk of cancer, kidney failure, digestive problems and many other health risks. Foods grown by using hazardous pesticides are one of the main health concerns of today’s world. The pesticides used in agriculture reach to our water system by various means. Hazardous pest control may help reduce the targeted pests but they also are likely to kill other organisms which are good for environment and ecosystem. These poisonous pesticides result in poisoning the water systems such as lake, river, well etc.

Are you aware of Effects of Pest Control?

Through these water systems these poisonous pesticides enter the body of human and all the other living organisms that rely on the water systems. This has resulted in various kinds of diseases in birds and wild animals as well as domestic farm animals. The constant exposure to such chemicals is sure to have many negative impacts on the ecosystem. For example exposure to the DDE pesticides have resulted in thinning of egg shells in birds and animals. It is also responsible for thyroid disruption in birds, rodents, amphibians and fish. Exposure to chlordane is known to weaken the immune system of living organisms. Triazole results in disruption of thyroid, dysfunction of metabolism and in fertilization in animals.

Pesticides also cause air pollution in most cases. High use of pesticides results in formation of pesticide drift in the air. The pesticides are volatile in nature and they can easily get mixed in the air and get carried to various places by the wind. They react with other pollutants in the air and create highly dangerous air pollutant. These air pollutants can enter our bloodstream through respiration to cause various problems. Apart from pesticides used for pest control used in agricultures, there are also various types of pesticides used in our homes and working place. Some of the common pests found in our homes are rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, silver fishes, ticks etc. Customer should know about effects of pest control before applying pest control.
These pests create various kinds of problems to our daily life. Pesticides used to control these pests generally come in direct contact to us than the pesticides used in agriculture. Uncontrolled and unprofessional use of these pesticides results in vomiting, nausea, dizziness, eye pain, skin burn etc. especially in infants and old people. Various studies have shown that thousands of people lose their life due to insecticide poisoning and millions of them get infected. Constant hazardous use of pesticides contributes to high risk of cancer, reduced fertility, birth
defects and even death. Use of pesticides has been linked to asthma, depression and memory disorders too. Hence it is very necessary to take professional help for pest control in your homes or agricultural farms. Our company Star Al Madina Pest Control have group of highly trained group of staff for pest control. We are well equipped for all kinds of pest control with minimum risk to human health and environment.