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Best Pest Control Services in Dubai | What Services Do We Offer?

Do you want to eliminate pests in your house or office in Dubai in the most effective way? Termites, rats, ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches destroy our possessions as well as threaten our health. Using a reputable pest control service is an easy and fast way to keep pests at bay. You can choose either general pest control or treatment for a specific problem according to your needs.

The different presence of pests, such as cockroaches, ants, rats, bedbugs, mice, and termites, can pose a health and property risk. Fortunately, Star Almadina Pest Control protects your home and workplace today and in the future.

Throughout the year, it’s important to keep pests away from your home and work. With Star Almadina, no matter the season, pests won’t get a foothold. Professionalism is necessary to protect your home from pests, and that’s why our pest control specialists provide customized science-based protection to keep away pests year-round.

Pest control Services at Star Almadina

Pest management at an early stage is a great way to address pest problems. It has been a challenge for almost everyone in Dubai to deal with these pests. Whether at home or at work, we have all dealt with these pests.

The total cost of pest control is calculated by a pest control company after considering various factors. The prices at Star Almadina Pest Control Services are the best in Dubai. The services offered by Star Almadina are as follows:

1.   Termite Control:

Subterranean termites in the UAE are known as “White Ants” because of some similar characteristics. They are highly destructive wood pests that cause major structural damage to homes and businesses all over the UAE.

The authorities in the UAE mandate pre-construction termite treatment prior to the construction of any commercial or residential property, which serves as an excellent preventative measure.

However, in the case of termite infestation, a post-Construction termite treatment will be required, which entails drilling around the premises and injecting pesticides inside the drilled holes to form an anti-termite barrier. Termites nests are hard to find, so it’s hard to destroy them all at once. But we can easily treat their food such as wooden furniture or other items as well.

Firstly, we inspect the area to determine where termite control may be needed, then our experts eliminate the infestation. Therefore, you do not have to panic if you control termites on time and you will be able to save your furniture from costly damage. As a result, you will not have to panic if you control termites timely. Our company can guarantee you the eradication of termites using the best scientific methods.

2.   Bed Bugs Pest Control:

Bed Bugs are one of the most common problems we face since they feed on warm-blooded hosts. This causes infections, irritation, and allergic reactions to the skin. They are difficult to detect since they are hard to find and are extremely active at night.

Bed bugs can only be controlled by insecticides. Baits cannot be used as they are not effective against ants and cockroaches. The application of insecticides alone will not control bed bug infestations; it must be combined with prevention measures that eliminate and clean infested beds, bedding, and other harborage sites.

In some cases, pest control companies request that you move furniture away from walls, a mattress, and box springs stood on edge before they come in, but it’s much better to leave everything where it is so they can check before moving them themselves.

A pesticide is usually applied directly to cracks, crevices, bed frames, baseboards, and other sites where bugs breed, or as dust in cracks and crevices. It is not typically applied to mattresses or bedding because of the potential for chemical reactions.

3.    Cockroach Pest Control:

For effective treatment of cockroaches with boric acid, a professional technique is required. Cockroaches can change their route if they detect even the smallest amount of boric acid. The use of cockroach gel bait is another excellent solution for treating cockroaches. This bait poisons cockroaches that eat it. The poisoned cockroaches then transfer the gel to their habitat, killing the remaining population.

We also use chemical sprays wherever the infestation is severe. The gel can be applied even in harder-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices and does not produce harmful fumes or odors like other cockroach sprays.

With these proven techniques, we can rid your house, office, or apartment of cockroaches completely and at a competitive rate. We guarantee 100% cockroach eradication for your house, office, and apartment.

4.    Rodent Pest Control:

A rat bait system must be done internally and externally using approved rodenticides. They must be placed on only selected areas, including possible runways and breeding sites for rats and mice.

When the rat infestation is low, sticky traps are also effective in eliminating the pest population in a confined area.

The external rat bait system should be placed around the perimeter of the home or building. Anticoagulant rodenticide baits should be placed inside the bait stations. The next way to control rodents is by placing the rat gel around entry points, including cracks, holes, and voids on walls and floors. When rats “clean” themselves, they will eat the gel and die.

5.    Ants Pest Control:

It is virtually impossible to eradicate entire ant colonies, which is why you should consult a professional for help. Our method is a three-pronged approach. The first step is the treatment of the living area.

Pest control methods we use include eco-friendly pest control chemicals. The second approach involves treating ants in a yard. Ants enter your home through the yard. Therefore, treating the yard is a critical step in ant control. The last approach involves dealing with ants outside the living room.

Since most of the ants inside your house build their nests outside of your house, it is very important to treat them outside to make a semi-permanent solution for them. If necessary, we can treat them on ships, boats, factories, hospitals, etc. as per your instructions.

6.    Silverfish Control:

It is extremely important to control silverfish since they can be very harmful to property and household items. The most commonly destroyed items are books, clothing, coffee, paints, photos, glue, and cosmetics.

We provide the most effective way to eliminate silverfish in Dubai by professionally inspecting the area, eliminating any source of food, controlling the moisture, and fixing wet areas. Silverfish are also controlled with pesticides and chemicals.

7.    Fleas Control:

The main concern when it comes to working for Fleas control is the Bite they cause. Fleas are very common in areas that have pets, especially those that are hairy. However, they can also become a problem in the nearby areas.

Our Flea Control services could eliminate Fleas from your house, surrounding environment, as well as from your pet’s body. Fleas bites can cause lots of irritating and allergic reactions. We can control Fleas with chemical and physical methods and completely eliminate them from the area.

8.     Fly Pest Control:

The fact that Fly Pest Control services are very important for healthy living depends on the fact that flies can cause many types of diseases and can spread these diseases to different places. Fly Pests can be effectively controlled by taking preventive measures too, like proper sanitation and keeping the environment clean and tidy. Our experts use various chemicals and natural repellants to get rid of different kinds of flies.

9.     Moth Extermination:

It is important to take care of moth infestations since they cause damage to your home, similar to Silverfish. Moths are not harmful to human health, however, the unsightly damage they can cause to fabrics, carpets, and other household items make it imperative to eradicate them.

The Moth Extermination Control service we offer is one of the best in Dubai. If your infestation increases, we can use repellants to chase away moths or use professional methods to remove them permanently.

10.    Ticks Control:

The most common parasite is the tick, and it is difficult to avoid its damage in areas with natural habitats as well as pets.

Ticks are common in warm, humid environments, so as our company offers the best Pest Control services in Dubai, we are the first choice for you to control Ticks. Our well-trained and experienced team can provide you with Ticks Control services based on scientific methods.

11.     Wasps Pest Control:

It is extremely common for pest control services in Dubai to use wasps as their stings can be as painful as bees and nests near any home can be frightening.

Our Wasps Pest Control team can eliminate and control Wasps issues by getting rid of their nest in the nearby area which requires expert help. Wasps Pest Control Dubai has experts under this campaign who can eliminate and control the Wasps issue without damaging property.

12.    Rodent Pest Control:

Mice and rats carry diseases and destroy property with their sharp teeth that allow them to chew through wood and other materials to gain access to your home.

Their damage to health and property is why it’s imperative to hire a professional pest control company in Dubai to eliminate them. Other than that, we can also help to find the nesting sites to completely eliminate the infestation by finding the entry points.

13.    Bird Control:

Our Bird Control experts can help you with various problems caused by birds. Birds are known to carry various types of diseases, some of which are fatal to human beings.

It is our goal to get rid of the pest birds from your buildings without causing serious harm to them, as we understand their role in a strong ecosystem. Our Birds Control professionals will get rid of the birds without causing serious harm to them. Some of the ways that could be provided to control birds include bird netting, bird repellants, electric tracks, bird spikes, sound deterrents, visual deterrents, hazers, and thermal foggers.


Thus, Pest control is so important because of the threat that pests pose to human, animal, and plant health. In addition, all pests are the carriers of some diseases and have been known to cause serious epidemics and massive losses to agriculture due to their presence.

Aside from depleting the food supply, these pests can also cause death, serious health problems, and serious property damage. For example, termites can eat away the wooden structure and leave it hollow.

If you are fed up with the problems of pests in your house or business. In that case, Star Al Madina (SMPC) is here for your services; one of the best pest control companies in Dubai with the best team ensures that you are receiving a consistent level of safe, effective, and reliable service throughout your property. Our professional pest control service can be a great choice for Dubai residents.

Importance of Pest Control in Dubai: 5 Things You Should Know!

The task of controlling pests in Dubai is a huge challenge. Protection from pests can prevent health issues and expensive property damages caused by harmful insects. Pest management or pest control usually refers to the eradication of roaches, spiders, or fleas. Actually, pest management deals with the safety of our health, food, and property. To ensure the general public’s safety, it is essential to have a pest control system.

UAE’s Food and Pest Control Departments have warned residents to stay away from companies that are not approved. Residents have been urged not to conduct pest control by themselves or use chemicals sold by individuals.

The campaigns launched by the departments focus on the illegal use of pesticides, especially Aluminum Phosphide, for controlling bed bugs. Pest control firms have used poor-quality chemicals in homes in the UAE, leading to the death of many people who inhaled poisonous fumes.

Chemical pesticides do not only harm people and animals directly, but they also harm the environment over time.

Last year in UAE, 45 pest control companies were fined for using banned pesticides in homes during inspections. Most of the pest control firms were found spraying the homes with banned chemicals that are deadly if handled improperly.

In compliance with international conventions and standards set by the European Union and international organizations, the UAE ministry annually updates its list of banned and controlled pesticides. To ensure the quality of pesticides, the Ministry carefully evaluates and analyses imported pesticides before releasing them to the market.

The following reasons explain why pest management is important and why every homeowner should use it:

1.           Allergy-reducing measures:

Humans can develop skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems due to pests. Mosquitoes and bed bugs, for instance, are known to cause rashes. Some people are also allergic to certain allergens carried by pests. At least 7% of the population is allergic to cockroaches. Cockroaches are also one of the leading causes of asthma among children.

2.           Protecting furniture, carpets, and clothes from damage and deterioration:

Burrowing insects commonly damage wooden and fabric components of furniture. Carpet bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, and moths are also attracted to fabric, using it as a food resource. It would be best to control pests to prevent expensive repair and replacement of furniture, carpets, and clothing.

3.               Food supply maintenance:

Food supply is important to the survival of the world’s population and, on a macroeconomic level, it affects the economy and most industries. In the absence of proper pest control services, nearly 20% of our food supply will be wasted by rodents.

Rodents eat millions of dollars worth of food every year. When controlling the threat, food supplies can remain at manageable and useful levels. On the home front, pest control measures can prevent food waste and contamination.

In addition to consuming food, pests also leave behind undesirable organic matter such as dead skin, body parts, feces, and urine, all of which can negatively impact the quality of our food. It is also important to keep your business premises pest-free these days. Our commercial pest control experts in Dubai can provide you with pest elimination services for your commercial or business facility.

4.           Preventing diseases and other health risks:

Pests can have varieties of diseases and health problems that can cause leprosy, skin infections, urinary tract infections, Lyme disease, intestinal infections, dysentery, dengue, malaria, and food poisoning. The bacteria and viruses they carry can also be harmful to human and animal health.

In spite of the fact that many of these diseases are treatable, they can cause serious health problems in children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems, many of whom may require hospitalization. Medications can cost millions of dollars because of this occurrence.

5.           Home and structure protection:

Every year in Dubai, people are fed-up with repairing the damages caused by termite infestations. Termites consume wood and wood products such as plywood and paper. After consuming wood components of the home, termites eat beams, floors, and walls from the inside, making the structure brittle and vulnerable to collapse, posing a risk to residents.

It can be difficult to deal with termites in older homes and structures that haven’t been treated. It requires constant vigilance and the assistance of pest control agencies in areas where termites are known pests.


It is essential for you to protect your home from unwanted pests, such as cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders, fleas, and bed bugs. Moreover, pests pose health risks to family members and pets.

In addition, seasonal outbreaks of some pests should be addressed. Spring is breeding season for most pests, so intensive measures must be taken at this time. Staying away from infectious pests will keep you healthy and happy. So, protection from pest issues is necessary all year round.

If you have any problem caused by the pests, always remember Dubai at Star Al Madina Pest Control for residential pest control services. We will identify the problem and administer the appropriate treatment by our professionally trained technicians.